Fire truck

Here’s LRN12 responding to an emergency at Chuck E. Cheese this evening during her third-birthday-palooza. Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam. Part of my famous Machinery series.

Pretty good day, except that this afternoon’s train appears to have struck a pedestrian (I hope they survived!) and never arrived. After getting the word, I got back in the pickup and drove home, which wasn’t a satisfying solution, it being a slightly rainy Friday evening. Took a long time and the traffic was terrible, but I beat the train. So it worked out.

I heard later that an Amtrak train with which we share the tracks also hit somebody and killed them. Very bad night for commuter trains.

Update – This article says both people died. Very sad for the victims and their families, and certainly a trauma for my friends who work on the train as well.

I’m also very saddened to report that my friend Mark Forsyth has passed away. We knew the Forsyths in Pennsylvania – Mark’s wife Liz was LRN2’s organ teacher and they became good friends. They’re wonderful people and we’re still in a bit of shock over Mark’s death. We have no idea what happened.

All is otherwise well and normal. Looking forward to the weekend. LRN9 is coming to visit on Saturday and staying until sometime Sunday. Haven’t seen him for quite some time. He’s apparently coming to town on business and was able to come a bit early (or stay a bit late – that’s not clear to me yet) to visit us, for which I’m truly grateful. I have to spend a few hours at Youth Conference and give a 10-minute talk on Saturday and attend another high council-type meeting on Sunday afternoon, along with normal church meetings, including an early arrival to prepare for the choir performance during sacrament meeting. Otherwise, I’m pretty much as free as a bird. And just as neat.

No post Thursday. Had a busy and pleasant evening. Thanks to Anon for noticing, as usual.

We’ll end with some important gaming news: maybe this guy should try something a little less complex. Candy Land might be a good idea. But definitely not this.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Andy Morrow Says:

    Say hello to Uncle Tony for me.
    I'm shocked to hear of Bro. Forsyth's passing. I would never have expected that.

  2. Shannon Says:

    It was great to have Tony here–sorry it was such a short visit.

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