Here are Loyal Readers Number One and Two on a camping trip. The camping pictures will continue until we actually go camping. Or until I run out of them.

Spent the day sick at home today. I had a rough late night and morning. By noon I was feeling much better and I’m actually eating food tonight. Life returns.

Loyal Readers are invited to check out the HRVA website. I wrote a couple of book reviews over the weekend and spent a lot of the day today getting it rehosted in Drupal from the wretched PostNuke CMS. I think it looks a lot better and Drupal is easy enough to understand (unlike the monstrosity that is PostNuke) that I can make it look better still. The website is also much simpler, which I think will make it much easier to navigate. The only thing is that all the members will have to register again. Sorry about that, but I think the change is definitely worth it. Have a look for yourselves and let me know what you think.

My Apple keyboard has turned into a piece of absolute junk. The keys all stick at random, making it almost impossible to type a complete sentence without several errors. Very annoying. I’m looking around for a better keyboard. I loved my old Microsoft keyboard, which is now being used by Loyal Reader Number Four. She kindly offered to give it back to me, but it has a PS2 connector and I need USB. I heard that Microsoft made a version of the keyboard specifically for the Mac, but I can’t find one anywhere. If any Loyal Readers can find it for me, I’ll reward them with fame and glory.

Time for bed already. I think I’ll be able to go to work tomorrow and want to get a good night’s rest. See you on Tuesday.

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