Frankenmuth Visit


Here are my mother and me on June 27th of this year, during my visit to Michigan right before we found out she had liver cancer. She was already sick when this picture was taken, it’s just that nobody knew it. Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken at Bronner’s Christmas shop – one of her very favorite stores – in Frankenmuth, Michigan – one of her favorite places – and part of my famous Vacation series.

I’m so glad I made that visit and that my mom and I took that drive to Frankenmuth that day and did the other things we did. It was a fun, relaxing trip and the last time my mother and I had together before the final traumatic events of her life.

It’s been a couple weeks again. I guess I’m too busy enjoying my life to chronicle it. That’s good and bad. So let’s briefly chronicle recent events.

Joanne and I, accompanied by her kids Desi (and family) and Kristina (and friend) and my kids Mark and Andy, went to Big Bear Lake for a long weekend at the beginning of the month. The weather was beautiful, the place we stayed was beautiful, and it was a very nice visit. We visited Katie’s old house there, as well as that of her former in-laws. We also saw the place where Katie worked – it was walking distance from our hotel. We visited their Oktoberfest and found it to be expensive but enjoyable. A one-time visit was all we needed to see everything. On a sad note, the lake is at a disturbingly low level. They need a lot of rain in California! Also snow in the Sierra Nevada. Please attend to this problem, Loyal Readers.

Saw my good friends Dan and Debbie Yeckley from Denver the other day. They were in town for a few days and contacted me. Joanne and I met them at their hotel (the Main Street Station, which was surprisingly very nice and also not part of the Station Casinos empire). They’re looking and sounding very good and we had a very nice visit.

Mark appears to be doing very well with school this semester. Unbelievably, the semester is already just about half over! He has a mid-term exam tomorrow, in fact. Keep it up, Mark!

I signed up for a Coursera class a few days ago but haven’t taken any time to get it started. I either need to get moving on it or drop out and do it later. The subject is Game Theory, which isn’t really one of my interests. That may explain why I’m having a bit of a hard time getting started.

And that’s enough for tonight. I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: breaking and entering monkey!

See you tomorrow.

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