Happy readers

Here’s a group of happy, peppy Loyal Readers in front of the Happiest Ride on Earth. It was the first place we went on Disneyland Day. I can’t say exactly why, though. I guess it was because we found out the Matterhorn was closed for cleaning and repair and we were so confused we simply kept wandering until we found a line to stand in. Could we help it that it turned out to be the sappiest ride there? I can’t remember which Loyal Reader commented right after we got off that one that Disneyland wasn’t turning out to be as cool as he had been led to believe. Fortunately, it was all uphill from there.

I’ve had to resort to the Wonders of Blogger again today. Wednesday evenings can really get busy. I tend to get home from work at about 7:00 and I have to be at my church meeting at 8:30. That gives plenty of time to grab some dinner and visit with Loyal Reader Number Four for a few minutes. I don’t generally get home from the meeting until about 10:00, and then it’s to bed if I want to have any chance of getting up on time in the morning. Poor, poor me. Pity me.

More news on Thursday night. See you then.

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