Holding hands – unknown date


Here are Shannon and me at a church activity sometime while we lived in Lardville. This Great Art is significant to me not because it’s a particularly good picture of either of us (left to the Loyal Reader to judge) or because it was a particularly important event (I don’t remember when it happened or even what it was, other than a Hawaiian-themed party), but because it’s the only picture I’ve been able to find so far featuring Shannon and me holding hands. My more astute Loyal Readers may recall that our hands were widely thought to be welded together, so I’m pretty surprised I haven’t found anything like that until now. My only explanation is that I took most of the pictures I’ve featured here on the Morrowlife blog and it would have been hard to also hold hands with Shannon at the same time. Although I didn’t take all the pictures, so that excuse only goes so far. At any rate, here it is at last. Great Art courtesy of our old friend Bob W, taken at a Hawaiian-themed church party in Manteca, California sometime during the past few years, and part of my famous Shannon and Event series.

Another thing this Great Art points out to me is that Shannon was a lot colder than I was. Possibly it’s because I was fat and she wasn’t. At any rate, I was wearing sandals and a Hawaiian shirt and she was pretty well bundled up. Didn’t make any difference – she was still the prettiest girl at the party.

Another quiet day today. We exercised, as predicted. We’re taking tomorrow and Sunday off. I’m planning to go for a walk around the park at some point tomorrow, just to keep things going. I think Mark will probably just rest.

Meals were pretty good today. I made waffles (batter prepared by Mark!) with strawberries (sliced by Mark!) and fresh whipped cream along with sausage, tangerine juice, and Mexican hot chocolate. Mark also had a Costco apple streusel muffin. We skipped lunch because breakfast was so late and so extensive. Dinner was barbecued chicken, which was cut up and served on cheese tortellini with marinara sauce over it, accompanied by a tossed salad. Once again, no complaints were heard from either Mark or me.

Spent a lot of the day on the phone again today. I love talking, but I should probably go dark for several hours during the day so I can get some actual work done. I’m really feeling a need to get started with that again.

I found today’s Great Art when Mark and I were looking for his immunization records. He’s applying for admission to UNLV and they needed proof he wasn’t a walking germ factory. We finally found the needed information, only to discover he was apparently behind on his tetanus shots. So we went over to Walgreen’s and got him the shot. Didn’t hurt me a bit.

I got to spend a couple hours on the phone with Sandy this evening. It was pretty late for her, but quite convenient for me. It was precious time and she really helped me work through a few things that have been troubling me. Thanks, Sandy! I appreciate the advice, the understanding, and the listening ear. You helped me feel like I’m not so alone.

Jacuzzified by myself this evening. Enjoyed it. Less sorrow than recently, more peace. That’s how it ought to be, I think.

Tomorrow morning, Ken and I are working on his pickup! He has a 1956 Ford pickup in many tiny pieces, most of which are in his garage. The body, frame, and engine are outside on the side of the house. He got the truck a few years ago and decided to restore it, so everything is brand new and beautiful. He just needs to get it all assembled. I suggested a little while ago that we should start spending a few hours together on Saturdays doing just that, and tomorrow is our first installment. That kind of thing is a lot more fun if you have somebody to work with. I’m excited to work on the truck and to eventually get it running again. It’s going to be pretty cool – a vintage look, but with modern comforts like power steering and brakes and air conditioning, to name just a few.

And that’s about it for this week. I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: all-you-can-eat crab leg assault!

See you on Monday.

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  1. Sandy Says:

    Any time Michael! You are not alone and we love you. And the best part of all – you don’t have to take any of my advice if it doesn’t feel right for you!!! Scott isn’t as lucky – lol!!

  2. Andy Says:

    I remember helping him take apart the rear suspension probably around four years ago. Long-running project!

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