Kauai beach

Here’s a beach on Kauai.  That was just a pretty place, no matter how you looked at it.  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken from the pier featured prominently in The Wackiest Ship in the Army, and part of my famous Vacation series.

Not even a week since my last post!  Could be worse.  It’s been much worse, in fact.  However, I can proudly point to the fact that there has been at least one post every month since November of 2005.  That’s not all that shabby.  Really.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Two more days before LRN1 is home!  He left his last area after lunch today and went to Coban, where he was previously assigned.  He’s there for the afternoon and evening and leaves for the capital in the wee hours of the morning.  He’ll arrive early tomorrow morning, go to a transfer conference, have a final interview with his mission president, have a nice pizza dinner, and hit the sack.  Thursday morning, he’s up early and off to the airport.  Travel safely, LRN1!  We can’t wait to see you.

In fact, some more Loyal Readers are coming to town to welcome LRN1 back.  That’s right, LRN3 and LRN15 are coming up here on Thursday afternoon.  They’re spending the weekend with us so they can hear LRN1’s welcome-home talk in church on Sunday.  Then they’re back to Virginia.

Lots more shopping been going on.  We went to Ikea on Saturday and got a bunch of stuff, including a very nice set of matching tables that include a corner desk, with the total spanning a length of about 11 feet across one wall and 8 feet across the other.  I really like ’em.  We also got a very modest dresser for LRN1’s room, a bunch of lamps (elsewhere) so that every room in the NNFOS has light now, a very nice TV table for the living room, and various other small items.  My hands got pretty sore putting all the Ikea stuff together, but it was worth it.  It’s looking more and more like a home around here.  LRN4 even got a nice big clock today and put it on the wall.  And I even noticed it, not more than ten minutes after I got home!

Speaking of which, our household goods are scheduled to get here on Monday.  Sadly, they won’t be here in time for LRN1’s arrival, but we’re ready for that anyway.  We have our two queen-size air mattresses, and we borrowed a twin mattress with sheets and blankets from a nice family in the ward this evening, so we can even accommodate LRN3 and LRN15 for the weekend.  They’ll sleep on one of the air mattresses in the office and LRN1 will rough it on the twin mattress.

We’re looking forward to having our stuff.  We’re doing pretty well without it, but we’d really like the beds and it’s about time to quit using cardboard boxes as tables and nightstands.  I hope the place won’t feel too crowded when it gets here.

I just got the third disk of the second season of Sledge Hammer from Netflix.  I really enjoyed the first season and I’m looking forward to the second one as well.  I’m sure it gets even stupider than it was in the first place, but when was that an impediment to good humor?

It’s time for bed already, so I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: fugitive baboon!

See you tomorrow.


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  1. LRN1 Says:

    I’m back, everybody!

  2. Shannon Says:

    So glad you are!

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