Lawn lantern

Here’s an artsy shot of a solar-powered lantern in our back yard.  Solar powered night-time lighting might seem a bit counterintuitive, until we mention that batteries are involved.  Part of my famous Statue series.  Admittedly a bit far-fetched, but work with me on this.

A few more days have gone by without any posts.  Sigh.  I’m starting to wonder whether I’ll ever get back to daily posts.  Probably not.  The outcry is deafening, Loyal Readers.

Nothing much to report, though.  Got up, commuted, worked, commuted, ate, went to bed.  Exciting!

So let’s talk about what’s coming up.  Let’s see – we’re going to Half Moon Bay with some friends in a week.  That ought to be fun.  We’ll be spending Friday and Saturday nights.  We’ve rented a house together.  LRN4 and I have high hopes for a nice, relaxing weekend.

Speaking of spending money, my beloved pickup is going to the shop Sunday night for a Monday repair.  It’s leaking antifreeze, so let’s hope it’s a hose or maybe even the radiator.  I guess the water pump (my uneducated guess, since I haven’t done more than open the hood to look at it) would be way better than the head gasket.  Please don’t let it be the head gasket!

Anyway.  Then there’s the (probably) previously mentioned trip back to Salt Lake at the end of March for the annual two-day LDS Tech Conference.  Looking forward to that one too.

Anything else?  Well, we’re planning on going to Michigan sometime in the summer.  And a Hawaiian cruise sometime early next year – maybe right before LRN1 gets home from his mission, which will be in February.  Details will be filled in as the events get closer.

Not much planned this weekend, though.  It’s been raining and cold for a couple of days, and tomorrow’s supposed to possibly be snowing(!) overnight and early in the morning, but turning nicer as the day goes on.  Probably still won’t be able to wash the cars, though.  Or work on the yard.  Might be able to clean the filters, though.  We’ll see.  I also have a TON of programming I want to do.  Plus work on LRN4’s website.  I have a few nagging issues that still haven’t been taken care of.

And that’s about it for tonight.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: self-stabbed donut robber!

See you on Monday.

3 Responses to “Lawn lantern”

  1. michael Says:

    That might have been a nice picture if the pool vacuum hadn’t been there.

  2. Shannon Says:

    I noticed that but I wouldn’t have mentioned it if you hadn’t! I think the donut robber should have eaten the donuts first and then maybe he wouldn’t have been as drunk.

  3. Mark Says:

    Who says the pool vacuum can’t be art?

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