Lighthouse tower


Here’s the lighthouse in Portland, Maine, as seen from below.  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken during last year’s east coast cruise, and part of my famous Cruise and Vacation series.

Good weekend.  LRN5 and her family finally arrived!  We had nice visits on Saturday and Sunday, after which they departed on their vacation.  They’ll be back on Friday and they demand a dinner that night.  We’ll work something out.  LRN3 comes in on Saturday and demands a dinner that night too.  Pretty tough Loyal Readers, but I can handle ’em.

On Sunday, our dear friends Art and Cathie made a surprise visit.  We really enjoyed seeing them.

Moved out of the Residence Inn and into the Hampton Inn on Sunday.  It’s way smaller and not nearly as nice, but it’s also way cheaper.  I mentioned in my letter to the family yesterday that it’s helping me prepare for the Village.  I have a feeling that place will be relatively humble.  I’ll be ready.  Actually, I don’t care how humble it is.  I’m ready now.  Get me out of this hospital!

Otherwise, I hung out at the hospital with LRN4.  She’s doing pretty well – just a little better each day.  Still no increase in the white blood cell count.  We expect it within the next couple of days.  Hopes are extremely high.

We had a nice birthday celebration for LRN4 on Friday.  The nurses sang Happy Birthday to her and gave her a piece of cake.  Then they told her it’s not low-bacteria, so she couldn’t eat it.  So it became mine.  Then my cousin Betsy and her husband Bob came over with a carrot cake (that LRN4 could eat!); birthday plates, napkins, and forks; birthday presents (from them, LRN3, and me); a birthday sign; and birthday hats.  We had a really nice time together.

And that’s it for today.  I’ll leave my Loyal Reader with this shocking food violence news: hot-dog-dumping helicopter!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    I love the perspective on the great photo. It IS a great photo!

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