Little house

Here’s another one of my famous Train series: the little house on the pampa. Picture taken with the famous RAZR-cam. As if you couldn’t tell.

Fascinating comments on yesterday’s exclusive Morrowlife Controversy. I’ll leave the question standing for the weekend – how would my Loyal Readers put the technology behind the StupidFilter to good use? Or expand it. Or repurpose it to something else entirely. I think there’s money to be made public service to be performed here.

What a work week! I worked like a dog. And not one of those spoiled house dogs like Loyal Pet Number One. I’m talking about a mangy old sled dog. Or maybe one of those sniffer dogs at the airport. Or one of those terribly abused German Shepherds stuck in the bed of a tailgate-free speeding pickup truck in Texas. Or something like that.

Anyway. The weekend’s here. Loyal Reader Number Four will be back tomorrow! And I’ll be at work. For very little reason. My boss thinks I ought to “show the flag” because we’re encouraging a few people to come in over the weekend. I have no part of the work they’ll be doing tomorrow, of course. On the positive side, I’m charging them for my time. And the traffic should be relatively light. And I’ll enjoy the drive in the Miata. And I have tons of stuff to do at work that isn’t getting done. But I’d much rather be at home. If it will really make these folks feel better about being there (for a hundred bucks an hour or so), I guess I can do it. But let’s not make a habit of it. And when is my boss getting that transfer she’s been hoping for?

Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two and I had to cancel our camping plans for tonight. We’re still going out for breakfast tomorrow morning, though. They can’t take that away from us.

Otherwise, all is well. I’m going to quit now and suggest to the Loyal Readers that we take a dip in the jacuzzi. Hope your weekend is even better than mine’s shaping up to be. See you on Monday.

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