Loaded Ranger


Here’s my beloved pickup loaded for LRN1’s trip to Utah a year ago.  At least I think it was LRN1.  Was it LRN2?  That’s LRN2’s bike on top of the pile.  Help me, Loyal Readers!  Slightly crooked Great Art possibly taken by LRN1, situated in my lamented three-car garage in Lardville, and part of my famous Machinery series.

Wonders of WordPress.  I forgot to post Monday night.  Had plenty of time.  Remembered right after I went to bed.  Decided to wait until Tuesday morning.  So I’ll try to confine myself to things that happened on the weekend and Monday.  Tuesday’s doings will be reported tonight.

So what happened?  All the Loyal Readers have come and gone.  We had a great time during our visit.  Overate, overshared, over everything.  Good weekend.

LRN4’s health continues to improve.  I still see improvement every single day.  She has more stamina, she’s stronger, she’s more capable.  The changes are definitely incremental, but they’re visible.  Our Monday visit with the doctor went well.  Her sore toe has a blister under the toenail.  The doctor said it will probably pop soon, followed by immediate pain relief.  Looks nasty, but she apparently isn’t going to lose the nail.  Blisters under toenails – yikes.  Cancer is a strange thing.

Her white cell count was lower again, but her platelets are up.  The white count is fine – he says it’s completely normal and will go back up when it’s ready.  If it gets too low, he’ll give her the same drug they gave Melanie to force cells to grow.  Now that she’s in remission, it’s safe to do that.

The platelet count is a great sign – they’re apparently the last thing to come back.  He told us the other day that her genetic structure is 99% that of her sister and that the cells have definitely engrafted.  So everything’s normal and going exactly as expected.  We just never know what to expect next.

Had a nice Father’s Day.  All the kids called, although LRN5 and I were never able to connect.  We did have nice conversations with each other’s voice mail, though.  We’ll talk Real Soon Now.  I opened my new [amazon asin=B00068EXQ8&text=beard trimmer] and tried it out.  Works great!  The hair is finally out of my mouth.  And the beard is definitely looking good.  Kind of like Colonel Sanders, I think, although I’ve been unfortunately compared to Sam the Snowman.  Have a holly jolly Christmas, everybody!

Tried to go to the “gentle yoga” class in the afternoon.  Turns out you need to pre-register.  To do that, you need your doctor’s okay.  There’s no doubt LRN4 can get that, but I don’t know if she’ll bother.  They let us observe the class.  I can vouch for the fact that it’s “gentle.”  I fell asleep.  So did LRN4.  I think actually doing the yoga would keep you awake, but I can’t guarantee anything.

That’s it for today.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: hot sauce tantrum!

See you tomorrow.

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