Loyal Reader Number Sixteen

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Sixteen, stopping to smell the roses along the way. Ahhh!

That’s right, I now have sixteen Loyal Readers! I snared LRN16 with cute pictures of Loyal Reader Number Twelve. Very tricky. Don’t worry, LRN16, cute LRN12 pictures will be back tomorrow. And thanks for reading. And enjoy your Very Special Morrowlife Day, complete with your own picture and your name over there on the right on the actual Internet! Wow.

No post yesterday. I was . . . thinking. No, that couldn’t be it. I spent Sunday and Monday evenings until late into the night trying to get my email server working for the HRVA. I got the web server up on The Computer On a Dime a little bit earlier in the weekend. It’s working now, although all it consists of is a link to the old HRVA site. Time to switch.

Anyway, I had a much harder time getting my COaD email server up. I made it even harder by trying to use a woefully incomplete and misleading internet-based guide (to be fair, though, the guide does have some configuration guidelines that are useful after the server is up and running). On Monday, I switched to the excellent guide from linuxhomenetworking.com and got to work. I finally got it to receive emails last night and then got the sending part figured out earlier tonight. Now I have email accounts at: (1) work, (2) gardenvillesoftware, (3) morrowlife, (4) hrva, (5 -7) gmail, (8) juno, (9) yahoo, (10-11) hotmail, and (12) comcast. No shortage there. To paraphrase an old chestnut about TV, twelve accounts and there’s nothing to read.

Looking back at Friday’s post, I had high hopes for a productive weekend. On the one hand, I did get several things done, including a very nice baptism, a decent Sunday School lesson, and all my Christmas shopping. I also checked the pool water. However, the cars remain unwashed, many things remain un-put-away, and the Taurus remains unrepaired. There’s always next week, when I’ll be hope celebrating Christmas and enjoying being with the family. Maybe I can even get some of them to help me with the fun parts, like fixing the Taurus.

And now it’s late again and I really have to get to sleep. See you tomorrow.

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