Loyal Reader Number Twenty

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twenty squinting into the bright future, as promised yesterday. That’s San Francisco there in the background. Congratulations, LRN20 – it’s your Very Special Morrowlife Day! Even though your picture has appeared a time or two in conjunction with other Loyal Readers, you’re today’s star of the show.

Another busy work day today, with little else to talk about. I showed up at the train station at about 6:30 this morning, only to discover three school buses there. Oops. No train ride for me today. The drive was tolerable. At least I was able to stay a little late at the office. Not that I wanted to.

I’m right in the middle of one of the more interesting books I’ve read lately. It’s called The Life and Death of Classical Music, by Norman Lebrecht. The subtitle is “Featuring the 100 best and 20 worst recordings ever made.” It’s not really about music as much as the classical music recording industry. Although it’s certainly not what I expected when I picked the book up, it’s really a fascinating story. Recommended to all my Loyal Readers. Or at least the classical-music and/or recording industry ones.

Loyal Reader Number Four bought a bunch more plants to go around the pond. She got several nice ones for just a tiny bit of money, which is always a Real Good Thing. We need to spend a little time planting them tomorrow. And also fix the leak. And also dig the filter into the ground. And also a lot of other things. Probably.

Loyal Reader Number Three has some interesting ideas building on my boring video game idea. I’m particularly taken by that curling idea. As the link shows, curling has been done before, but not on the Wii, which will make all the difference. I think we can corner the boring sports market. I’m looking forward to seeing your preliminary designs, LRN3!

Loyal Reader Number Twenty-Two goes home early tomorrow morning. It’s been a nice visit and we’re sorry to see him go. Sayonara, LRN22.

And I’m off to bed. See you Monday.

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