Loyal Reader reading

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Four at our recent campout doing – what else? – some reading. She always manages to find a sunny spot.

Well, it’s Tuesday, it’s hot, it’s sunny, and the living is pretty easy. Busy, busy, busy at work. We’ve decided we want to hire one additional person on top of the four I’m already trying to hire. It’s hard to find enough qualified people and it’s equally hard to get them scheduled in to see us. And there’s lots of pressure to get people in here. Sigh.

On the upside, I managed to delegate one of the things I was doing that was very time-consuming and not related at all to my managerial duties. Yoo hoo! It was kind of rote work, so it was kind of soothing, but it kept me from doing the stuff they’re paying me to do. So I’m glad it’s gone, at least for the present.

We had dinner on the patio last night – it was about 84 degrees when we went out there. The back yard is shaded in the afternoon, and it was perfectly comfortable at that temperature. I never did get a chance to go swimming, but I might jump in this evening. I waited a long time to buy a pool and I really want to use it. Time is the only issue.

I’m not sure why, but yesterday I received three test emails I had sent to myself back in December. Strange. Maybe the Computer On a Dime suddenly got its configuration figured out on its own. That makes no sense, of course.

We have a going-away luncheon tomorrow for two people who work for me. One is just moving upstairs to another program and the other is leaving the company. The latter guy is quite junior and was trying to take another job within the company that would have been a promotion, but HR nixed it. So he went and found a job at one of the numerous little software companies in the Sunnyvale area. Of course, those little companies come and go, so they don’t offer much security, but this guy is young and has very little need for security. Besides, it’s much easier for junior people to find their next job when things go bad, and my company doesn’t offer pensions to young workers anymore, so there’s actually very little reason to stay. And his new company is paying him much more than we are. So we’re wishing him all the best and saying goodbye. Cheerie-bye!

I’m pleased to report that the train’s air conditioning works quite well, even on a hot day. It’s extremely comfortable in here, even though I’m sitting by a window directly in the sun. As some of my Loyal Readers may be aware, I like to be comfortable. Very comfortable.

Enough typing just to hear my keyboard rattle. See you tomorrow.

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