More Klondike

Here’s Reader Number One with a friend at the Klondike. This was taken during lunch, which went very well for us except that we forgot one of the key ingredients and all our dishwashing equipment. At least the food was okay – or so they tell me. There wasn’t quite enough for the adults to have any. I ate again later, fortunately.

Tonight’s scout meeting went okay. We’re struggling to get very many interested guys to Mutual these days. We worked on our movie and did some planning for future meetings. I now have a very long list of merit badges the guys would be interested in working on. I’ll meet with the adult leaders on Sunday evening (I hope) and we’ll figure out how to make some of those badges happen. We also have a couple of second- and first-class requirements to get one or two boys through, which will take priority.

I got my car washed on Monday. It had been way too long since its last wash, and the weather people were predicting at least a week without any precipitation. That’s holding true so far, but today I got a bird dropping on the roof of about four inches in diameter. Yuck. Back to the car wash, unfortunately. It costs a fortune around here (like everything else), so I’m more reluctant to have it done than I used to be, but great big bird droppings are very bad for the paint, so I’ll have to bite the bullet. It’s just too cold to wash it in the driveway.

I’m about two pages away from finishing the Dave Barry book. All in all, I suppose I’ve enjoyed it, but I don’t really recommend it. Too much of the humor is topical to the eighties, and the writing is simply not as refined as his later stuff. Stick with the new stuff, that’s my advice. You’re welcome. My next book will probably be The Psychology of Everyday Things by Donald A. Norman. While I don’t normally trust people with two first names (not to mention a single name, Heaven forbid), the book looked interesting on the shelf. And it got pretty good reviews on Amazon. I’ll let you know.

Right after I finished writing last night, I thought of something fascinating that needed to be discussed in the blog today. Now I can’t remember it again. Maybe tomorrow. A little more artistic photography tomorrow too. So long.

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