More penguins

Here’s the third – and quite possibly the last unless some Loyal Readers get their art thing going again – in my famous Penguin series. This one is once again courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Two, with photography by Loyal Reader Number Four. Slight image rotation and cropping by me.

It’s the weekend! And possibly our last irresponsible one for a long, long time. We go pay for the house on Monday morning and then pick up the keys on Thursday. After that, I’m sure there will be plenty to do on Saturdays. Tomorrow, by contrast, I hope to go to the pool and maybe do a little reading.

I remembered to go get our house closing money a mere few minutes before the bank closed this afternoon. It would have been embarrassing to have to delay Monday’s appointment so I could go to the bank first. I have the check in my hairy little paws, though, so Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong Now.

We’ve started planning for our vacation, which is coming up in another week. Fun, fun, fun is on the camping schedule, along with a grueling sea-to-shining-sea driving regimen. We have no idea where we’ll be stopping at night, and we’re hoping to not have to make too many plans. I think we might want to get a campground listing book before we go, though, so we can call ahead every day if we feel the need. The Extended Morrow Family Campout plans are also moving ahead. Eighteen family members are scheduled to be there. Each group is providing one meal – we’ve got dinner on Saturday night. LRN4 is thinking about taco salad, but I countered with a suggestion for hamburgers. We’ll have to see what she decides. I didn’t mention to her that if she chooses hamburgers, she’s guaranteed that I’ll work on at least a little bit of the meal. In any case, we’re guaranteed to have a nice time being with everybody and I’m looking forward to seeing everybody one more time before we’re permanently Way Out West in Lardville.

Have a great weekend. Wake me up on Monday.

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