New drive

Here’s Loyal Reader Number One’s new disk drive, shortly before it was entombed (enshrined?) forever inside his iBook. Oh disk drive, we hardly knew thee. But it’s working fine. Am I running out of Great Art again? You be the judge.

LRN1 commented on Sunday that I should report what made him miss Monk (link warning: loud Monk commercial) on Friday night. I don’t think I rightly remember. Oh wait – yes I do. He went over to his battle-axe buddies’ house to spend the night in preparation for the Mega Battle-Axe-O-Rama on Saturday. They went down to Hollister to beat each other over the head with sticks for a few hours. It took pretty much all day and LRN1 had a great time. He’s still a little new to the Art to come off a conqueror in a Major Event like Saturday’s, but he gave a good accounting for himself and had a great time. And he didn’t break any major bones.

Psych (same link warning as for Monk) was really good too.

We all went to a big Chili Cookoff on Friday night. Loyal Reader Number Four won a well-deserved Major Award for her crescent rolls. All the chili was tasty – I was glad I didn’t have to be a judge. Overall, it was a fun way to spend the evening – and it ended in plenty of time for Monk.

Saturday, Loyal Reader Number Two got up bright and early and went on a scout hike. It wasn’t extremely long, but they were in pretty hilly terrain, so it was a good workout. LRN4 and I stayed home and puttered around the house. I replaced the rear brakes on the Sable (it still squeaks – curses!) and we both worked on my computer desk – we put a backing board on it to hide most of the voluminous wiring from view. It looks much nicer now. We also did a few other things that don’t come to mind right now. It was a peaceful, relaxing day.

As opposed to Sunday. It seemed like we had meetings from early morning to late at night. That wasn’t really true, but it sure felt like it. They were all good meetings, fortunately, and I for one enjoyed the day. I was sure tired by nightfall, though.

Spent a little bit of last evening trying to make the HRVA’s email work again. It had been refusing to do so for a few weeks. It suddenly occurred to me last night that the new router was probably to blame. It was. I opened up an approproate port to Larry and – voila! – it works again. Should have thought of that several days ago when I first noticed the problem. Oh well.

It was beautiful and warm today. Went both directions with the top down. Ahh. My hair was a little funny-looking when I got to work, what with the trip being started with it slightly damp. It was nothing a few moments in front of the sink couldn’t fix, though. And it was definitely worth it. Weather-permitting, it will be repeated tomorrow and frequently thereafter. The only trouble with open-air motoring is that it’s hard to hear podcasts. I generally just give up and listen to iPod music instead. I think that additional tradeoff is worth it too.

Time to turn in once again. See you tomorrow.

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