Next-gen desk

Here’s my proposed new design for the computer desk of the future. Actually, they may have done a lot of things right back then. I’ve been reading a little bit from people who have stand-up desks, and they seem to be pretty much an ideal way to write. The desk in today’s picture is beautifully made, has lots of storage space inside, is pretty ergonomically sound, and even has several strategically-placed lighting sources. Not that candles are necessarily the best light for writing, but you have to admit they’re cool.

Spent the day getting a bunch of little things out of the way – things like travel authorizations for the next month’s worth of travel and deliveries of a few documents to launch service providers. I never got to the main thing I wanted to do today, but I hope to be able to spend most of the day tomorrow on it. It’s got to get done before I leave for my campaign in two weeks, and I’ll be spending a week of that time on travel in Luxembourg. It’s pretty much now or never.

My evening was mostly taken up with scouting and finishing my 25 weekly pages of the Old Testament. At this rate, I’ll read the whole thing before the year’s out.

I’ve been thinking of adding a book club on the right side of this page – kind of like Oprah, but much better books and much lamer execution. I would just list recently-read books, my current reading, and what’s on the pile. Maybe there would be links to significant sites related to the books. What do my Esteemed Readers think of the idea?

I have to go pick Mark up from Barbershop practice in a couple of minutes, so it’s time to quit! So long.

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