Night stage

Here’s the final installment in the Modesto Pops stage picture series – the nighttime view.  It was a pretty stage, and it didn’t collapse even once.  The power just went out.  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam and part of my famous Event series.

Extreme short shrift.  It’s getting near 10:00 and I’m already exhausted.  I have no idea why.

Well, it had to happen sometime soon.  Steve Jobs has died.  Lots has been written about the products he brought to market and about his other personal successes and failures.  I don’t think I’ve seen anything about his responsibility for Microsoft Windows, Android phones, and numerous other non-Apple products.  He may not have had a direct hand in them, but if Apple hadn’t been what it was and is, those things would have never been invented.  So even the Apple haters owe Mr. Jobs a debt of gratitude.  Not that it will ever be acknowledged, of course.  I don’t understand the haters.

The work week is done.  Next week’s work week starts . . . tomorrow.  I’m going to work half a day to get my performance appraisals finished (or at least in draft, anyway) because I just can’t seem to get to them while I’m at work.  This will also let me take Tuesday off.  The plan now is to get up on Tuesday morning, get packed, and head out at around 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning.

Lots to do before then.  I really ought to get the pool and pond filters cleaned, I need to pick up a reserved library book (and might as well check for a few other vacation-fodder books while I’m there), probably should download some free titles to the Kindle app on my iPad, need to prepare my Sunday lesson, and need to make my packing list.

The above plans means that I have exactly one more day at work before the trip.  I’m absolutely ready to go.  Sure hope it’s fun.  At least I’m pretty sure the food will be good.  Probably the entertainment as well.  Also the company.  And even if the bed isn’t comfortable, at least the room will be plenty dark.

Which reminds me.  I need to put a flashlight on my packing list.  Might just as well get started now.  Hold on a sec.

I’m back.  I have the first 30 things on the list.  I’m sure there’s more to come, but it’s a start.  Going to need some pretty large suitcases.  The problem here is that it’s impossible to carry enough stuff to last for two weeks.  So we’re going to have to do some laundry.  The question then becomes: how many days should we pack for?  Eight?  Ten?  I’m thinking eight to ten.  I’ll have to see how much I have and how much will fit.  Plus, I need to fit plenty of reading material.  I’m planning to download several free books onto the iPad, which will be a whole lot easier to carry than a bag full of books.  But of course I’ll probably also carry a bag full of books.  Also a computer, my iPad, my iPhone, my iPod, and my work phone.  Sigh.

Enough blabbering.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: Mr. Whippy beating!

See you on Monday.

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