Number three is here!

Yes, I know it’s a weekend, but it’s Christmas Eve and I want to welcome Christmas properly. Here’s the famous Christmas Kettle on the front lawn of the Mercer Museum. Now what could be more festive than that?

I have a third reader! Congratulations and welcome to Paul. You’ll be the featured artwork Real Soon Now.

We went to the Da Vinci Museum in Allentown today for our Annual Christmas Adventure. Like most science museums, it was really aimed at kids younger than ours and it was kind of a small museum anyway, but there were some cool things there and we had a fun time. It just opened a couple of months ago, so the museum is in great shape and most of the exhibits work. There’s a bonus for you.

Plus, we had lunch at Perkins, which is always a treat, huh? They had a Breakfast Food Special that got us into the restaurant, and then we found out it only applies on weekdays. So, the food cost a lot more than we expected, but Perkins really does breakfast food well.

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