Number twelve

Here’s good old Number Twelve, straight from Philadelphia to you. Picture taken at the Sacramento Railroad Museum. Part of my famous Train series. And possibly posted before. Only my Loyal Readers know for sure.

Beautiful, sunny day, if a little cool. In fact, it was downright cold when I left the house. Get ready for it. Thirty degrees. Yep. Below freezing. I struggled through.

Wall-to-wall meetings at work. The calendar was filled without a gap from 9:00 to 4:45. Some of the meetings ended early, though, and I was able to get a few things done. There were also several visitors to my inner sanctum spread throughout the day. All things considered, an exhilarating day.

Tonight’s schedule (assuming the train is punctual, of course): fifteen minutes for dinner and then a home teaching visit. Then I’ll post this and go to bed happy and satisfied.

Things are otherwise uninteresting. Or maybe I should simply say “things are uninteresting.”

Important crime-fighting news: guess who is the least likely to commit a crime!

See you tomorrow.

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