On the rocks

Here are Readers Number One and Two on the rocks, in another of my famous Rock series.

No post yesterday. Sorry about that – I know how disappointed my Readers are when there’s nothing to read. In a very unusual turn of events, I stayed at work until about 8:15 yesterday evening and then worked for another hour or two when I got home. I don’t ever want to see that happen again! Fortunately, I got out of there just about on time today, and I’m planning to take a couple of days off tomorrow and Thursday before my long Cape trip on Monday.

We went to Mark’s barbershop practice this evening and listened to an a capella chorus from South High School. They were terrific! They were performing at that venue this evening in preparation for a competition they’re in next weekend. We all really enjoyed the music.

However, that made us late again, so I need to wrap it up here. Even though I’m home tomorrow, I’m driving to Seminary. Da zaftra!

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