Photography prohibited

Here’s an ominous sign for us Great Artists. I wonder if publishing this picture could be considered evidence of breaking the rule. Fortunately, the sign was in a museum. In Canada. During our Alaska cruise, of course.

Maybe I should make a Famous Alaska Series for the blog. I could add thirty or forty posts right off the bat, huh? And the hits just keep coming.

No post yesterday. I got busy.

Pretty good day. We got some serious rain in Sunnyvale, not so much here in Lardville. Fortunately, the rain had passed by the time I left the office, and it hadn’t started when on my way in. I’m not too crazy about standing on a rainy train platform. We needed the rain, though.

The weekend has begun! LRN12 is going to her mom’s place for the weekend, which will be a welcome thing for everybody. Have fun, LRN12! We have a High Priests group dinner on Saturday night, which we’re looking forward to. Also have . . . ummm . . . lots of other things to do. Hopefully including relaxing.

LRN1 noted correctly that the New Jersey Turnpike turkey has been captured. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing for his Thanksgiving chances. Maybe he’s like Charlie the Tuna and wants to be caught and eaten. Kind of weird if you ask me. Which you didn’t.

There’s been a shocking recurrence of toilet violence – this time in Phoenix. LRN3 and LRN15 had better be careful out in there.

See you tomorrow.

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