Pink house

As suggested by today’s title, here’s a pink house. It was one of those historic buildings we saw in Staunton over last year’s Christmas holiday.

Welcome to a Very Special Sunday Edition of morrowlife. Short post tonight. As previously advertised, I’m leaving for Florida tomorrow morning. Sadly, I didn’t exactly manage to get my laptop home from San Francisco on Friday, so there will be no post tomorrow. I’m hoping to have it overnighted to me sometime on Monday, with the happy possibility of a Tuesday post (and every weekday thereafter).

The San Francisco trip went well, as far as I could tell. My meeting lasted almost exactly one hour (for a trip that took just about 48 hours to complete!) and I felt good about it afterwards. We’ll see what comes of it.

I don’t want to go to Florida tomorrow and be away from home for such a long time. However, it feels much better to be going only a couple hours’ flight away from home as opposed to the two (very long) day trip it takes to get home from Baikonur. Not that I expect an emergency, but it’s just nice knowing I’m not too far away.

Time for bed already. Look for more on Tuesday!

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