Private pool

Here’s the private pool at our hotel suite at Yosemite. I’ve had worse hotel rooms.

Two days, no comments. Sigh. Any Loyal Readers out there? My prose may not have been memorable lately, but the Great Art pictures of Yosemite have been pretty good. And then there’s the Whatsit. Classic.

Morrowlife Financial Juggernaut update: I’m still only at $2.03. I’m just not making any money at this. Must . . . get . . . better . . . content. No, that couldn’t be the problem. It must be sunspots. Or something. In any case, it’s time to get that total above three dollars. I can’t ask my Loyal Readers to click on my Commerce section, of course, so I certainly won’t. Those ads will have to speak for themselves.

I can’t see anything wrong with this plan, can you? I’m sure they’ll start turning themselves in in droves.

Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two spent the day babysitting our triplet friends. They’re eleven years old, if memory serves. It appears to have gone well. Their parents are both at camp with Loyal Reader Number Four. Who we miss.

Today’s controversy: Do you suffer from this problem? I have no comment. Note the final question: “If they’re all such good drivers, why do they crash more often than women?” My answer: they have to be crashing into somebody, don’t they? Otherwise, no comment.

See you tomorrow.

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