Raoul and Curly

This isn’t an artistic picture by any stretch of the imagination, but I really love the store name on this lady’s bag. Woob, woob, woob. The picture was taken up on the Eiffel tower. I’m well aware of the irrational French love of Jerry Lewis, which is reason enough to dislike them, but if they’re Curly fans too, I might have to rethink my opinion.

Visited my friend Mike this evening. Reader Number One and I spent two and a half hours over there and had a delightful conversation. He’s able to carry on a fascinating conversation on pretty much any topic. I’ll really miss him when we’re gone.

We went to stake conference this morning. It was conducted by video from church headquarters and was seen in various stakes in Pennsylvania and Michigan. In fact, some of my family members in Michigan were also in attendance. Small world. We heard President Monson, Elder Perry, Elder Bednar, and a very nice lady in the general Primary presidency whose name escapes me at the moment. All the talks were excellent and timely, as were last night’s stake adult meeting talks. It was a good church weekend.

Only one more Sunday here. Yikes.

Moving preparations continue to go well, if at breakneck speed. It’s definitely more than a full-time job just getting ready to move. I need to call utility companies tomorrow to arrange the shutoff of some things and transfer of others. Reader Number Four will take care of essentially everything else.

As usual, it’s late already, so I need to get to bed. Only seven more days at work in Newtown!

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