Rare self-portrait

Here’s a rare self-portrait. Don’t I look Greatly Artistic? I’d sure like to Photoshop out that railing, though. That would violate my Prime Great Art Directive, though: post ’em like you shoot ’em. With some rare exceptions to eliminate old-camera-induced spots and things. This picture was taken during the campout we took during the month before my Lasik surgery. Hence, the extremely rare (non-reading) glasses view.

Anyway. Late night already. I’ve been working on Waterlogged (not Waterlogger anymore – as I may have mentioned, I’ve been overruled on that issue by my partners). I finally have it ported to Larry and working mostly right, with lots of assistance from Loyal Reader Number One. There are still some bugs that are either Larry’s fault or LRN1’s fault – don’t know which yet. Either way, we can start getting them worked off now. I got the new domain set up on Larry (although at the time of this writing the worldwide DNS hasn’t moved it over from GoDaddy yet – by the time most of you see this, it should be done) with a placeholder page. Now we need to figure out how to make Waterlogged go live with Apache in that space. Tomorrow night, I hope.

Otherwise a normal day. I need to take the train tomorrow, although I’m sorely tempted to drive the Miata. I believe I know what its overheating problem is, and it can be worked around by keeping the A/C on. That saps the power big-time, but at least it can be driven. Need to decide which transportation mode Real Soon Now.

I’m sleepy and need to rest, so that’s it for tonight. See you tomorrow.

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