Red bus

Here’s a big red bus in Guatemala. Love those lightning bolts. Part of my famous Guatemala series. Of course.

Extreme short shrift – it’s late and I promised myself I’d be in bed about an hour ago.

Got a couple of emails from LRN1 today. He got transferred this week, which was totally unexpected. In fact, nobody found out about it until he got to the transfer meeting. So he’s in a new place with a new companion, who was also transferred there this week. Hopefully, they’re meeting people, getting settled in, and getting to work. I’m sure they are.

Otherwise uneventful around here. With the Loyal Readers gone, it’s quiet. I’ve been working on my Arduino project again. I got it creating and saving files to an SD card, so now I need to get another Arduino interfacing with my accelerometer and passing data to the SD card reading Arduino via a network. Won’t take too much work, actually.

And I’ll leave you with this exotic toilet news: a throne fit for royalty.

See you tomorrow.

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