Rose field


Here’s a beautiful red rose in front of a bunch of other beautiful red roses.  Not to mention a few other beautiful colors there in the background.  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken at the City of Hope’s rose garden, previously published on Facebook, and part of my exclusive Garden series.

Had enough roses, Loyal readers?  Well, I have one or two more of them coming.  Get used to it.  Plus, I’m kind of competing with LRN5 and Clifford.  They grow the world’s most beautiful flowers and they’re both very good photographers.  So their pictures look really nice.  Must keep up with the Loyal Readers.  Also, roses are very pretty.  I’m thinking of becoming a professional rose photographer.

Yeah, I know.  Don’t give up my day job.  I already did that.  But I love my new day job, so I guess professional rose photography can be my backup career.

LRN4 (that’s the real reason you’re here, isn’t it, Loyal Readers?) had a very good day.  Since I was so engrossed in work (see below), she made a couple of shopping runs on her own.  The first was to the gift shop here in the hospital.  The nice lady who checks us in every morning told us they sell jewelry in there for unbelievably low prices and that they had just gotten a new shipment in.  LRN4 went over and had a look.  The story checked out.  She got several very pretty necklace and earring sets, which is absolutely great.  She has had very little jewelry here at the hospital – in fact, all she had until today were some beautiful things her sister gave her for her birthday in May.  They’re nice, but that’s insufficient jewelry.  So now she has choices.  I really like the things she got.

Her second trip was to Ralph’s for groceries.  She was also quite successful on that trip.  Groceries have been procured.  The food around here has been unbelievably good, by the way.  I was planning on doing the cooking for the first little while after LRN4’s parole was granted, but she took over immediately and I was relegated to dishwashing duty.  I’m okay with that, though – I think her creative cooking energy was pent up for all those months and she has unleashed a torrent of amazingly delicious meals on me ever since.  I’m most unfortunately gaining some of my unwanted weight back, but man oh man am I eating well.  It’s amazing what she can do with the primitive tools we have here (i.e. our kitchen here is very poorly equipped).  Two thumbs and two big toes up for the food!

Speaking of big toes, LRN4’s sore toe is looking way better today.  It’s been draining for days now and it finally looks like the toenail has gone back down to pretty much where it ought to be and a lot of the discoloration is gone too.  It may yet heal up without the loss of the nail.  Let’s hope so, Loyal Readers.  Otherwise, LRN4’s condition is very good.  Her radiation-induced “suntan” seems to be peeling off.  She’s not too happy about the somewhat splotchy aspect that remains, but there’s pink, healthy-looking skin under there, so it’s a very good thing in the long run.  Oh, and her sore, tingly feet are improved.  I’ve also noticed even more of a return to her normal healthy appearance.  The transformation in the past month is nothing short of amazing.  I can’t wait to see what the next month will bring.

Good work day.  I spent several hours on my iOS program and made significant progress.  Had a bit of consultation with LRN1 – he’s a really excellent iOS programmer – and figured out a couple things I was doing wrong.  After dinner, I also did the first week’s homework for my online cryptography class.  Got a 96%.  Now working on the programming assignment.  They recommend using Python for that part.  I started it that way but it’s taking a while in that language, owing to the fact I’m not an expert.  I’m thinking of starting over in Objective C or maybe just plain old C.  Why spend the time to learn another language?  I have choices.  It’s always a good thing to learn, of course, but time’s not my friend right now.

LRN1 told me the other day he was going to take the crypto class.  I checked it out, liked it, and signed up.  It’s fun!  I like that it’s a bit challenging – you might even say rigorous.  There’s actual math!  The class started a couple weeks before I signed up, so I have some catching up to do.  A lot of catching up, truth be told.  But I’m enjoying it for the relaxing diversion it is.  Must not take it too seriously.  At the same time, I’m doing my best and hope to learn some cool stuff.  Maybe I’ll become a full-time professional cryptographer.  That’ll be the backup to my backup career.

Does tonight’s post seem a little disjointed to you?  LRN4 and I have been watching a few episodes of [amazon asin=B0058YPNPK&text=Drop Dead Diva] tonight.  We just started season three.  It’s getting a tiny bit soap opera-ish, but we’re still enjoying it.  The whole plot line of Grayson being hit by a car, going into a coma, and then waking with amnesia was a bit trite.  Let’s bear down, writers!  And some of the courtroom scenes stretch my capacity to suspend disbelief.  But I still find the series compelling and often touching.  Still recommended.  And many thanks to LRN16 for sending us seasons 1-3.  We’ll get ’em back to you, LRN16 – we promise!

Anyway, it’s a bit difficult to watch TV and write scintillating prose.  Looks like TV won tonight.

Oh, we’re also watching a bunch of episodes of [amazon asin=B000HT3P60&text=Bones], also sent by LRN16.  It’s become a favorite.  We’ve started alternating our evening entertainment between those two series (until we run out, of course) and one more we just started a couple days ago – [amazon asin=B005VPNJ5W&text=The Number One Ladies’ Detective Agency], loaned to us by LRN29.  One-sentence review: An amusing, thoughtful detective series that alternates between addressing serious subjects and fun, quirky African topics.  One-word review: recommended.

I still think I ought to start a social website called One-Sentence Reviews.  I think it might be successful.  I’ll make that the backup to my backup to my backup career.

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: getaway donkey!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    I’m so glad you have so many back up plans! We should be fine no matter what!

  2. Sandy Says:

    Glad you are still enjoying the DVD’s. Drop dead diva does kind of get silly, but I kept watching it anyway. Still good entertainment (especially while one the treadmill)!

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