Here are LRN4 and me standing on a bridge in Zion National Park. It’s been a wonderful week so far. Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken yesterday on a bridge over a raging river small stream at Zion National Park, and part of my famous Vacation series. That’s LRN4 over there on the right.

As mentioned above, we’re having a great week so far. Well, it actually started out kind of poorly. We went to Los Angeles for a doctor visit on Monday. Had a good visit with our doctor, but we learned that LRN4’s leukemia is still there and still quite aggressive. Currently, about 65% of her white blood cells are leukemic. That’s not good. There are also good cells and LRN4’s hanging in there, but we definitely need to get her back into chemotherapy. She’s starting a ten-day round on Monday, and there will be another one four weeks later. Then we’ll see where she is and look into whether we can start the DLI transplants.

My first thought when we learned this news is that we’re not winning our fight. Not currently, anyway. The fight’s not lost, but we’re not winning.

Went to Zion both yesterday and today. Yesterday, we started out at the visitor’s center. We got in line at the information desk and asked the lady there what you can see from your car, since LRN4 isn’t really up for much walking right now. After she showed us the driving routes on her map, I mentioned that we couldn’t really go see the main sights there because LRN4 can’t safely ride a bus with a bunch of strangers (they’ve closed that part of the park to all traffic but shuttle buses). The nice lady offered to give us a pass to drive up there, since we have a medical reason why we couldn’t ride the bus. So we drove our car to see all the pretty stuff. We were the only private car up there – we could park anywhere as long as we wanted and see anything and everything. It was great!

After that, we drove over to our rental condo, which is in Duck Creek. We went out the southeastern park entrance, which includes a drive through a very long, very dark tunnel. It’s really cool. It was built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. They have to make it one-way in order for motorhomes to get through, which can cause a bit of a delay. But it was really cool.

We went up to Kolob Canyon this afternoon. It’s part of the park too, but accessible only from the northwest corner of the park, whereas we were in the southern part of the park yesterday. Today was equally beautiful. Watch this space for pictures.

Tomorrow: Bryce Canyon. If that only takes a day to see, we’ll check out some other local places on Friday. We’re having a great vacation. I’m so glad we came.

Every day is a gift. Remember that, Loyal Readers. Enjoy every day.

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: spaghetti sauce bank robbery!

See you tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Shadows”

  1. Shannon Says:

    It HAS been an amazing week so far. Triggers lots of memories of our many wonderful camping trips.

  2. Erica Says:

    So sorry to hear your not so positive news…we are praying for you lots and will keep hoping for a full recovery! We love you guys so much!!! I have been reading for a while, but I am so non-tech savvy that I am not sure how to make myself a loyal reader. Any input would be appreciated <3

  3. Paul Says:

    We definitely had a lot of great camp-outs as a family. One of my many happy childhood memories.

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