Shanty town

Here’s Ketchikan’s waterfront shanty town. In fact, this particular shanty town isn’t just a waterfront shanty town, it’s a waterborne shanty town. Don’t see too many of those around. As seen on these pages at least once before.

No posts after Monday last week. It was a tough week for me and I didn’t have the heart for it. It’s good to be back. Thanks to so many Loyal Readers who asked.

Fortunately, absolutely nothing happened in the past week. LRN12 is still with us, which is nice. She’s looking forward to getting back with her Dad, though.

Speaking of LRN6, he got a new job today! He’s with Frito-Lay, starting in a week or two. I’m not sure exactly what he’ll be doing, but I think it involves loading outgoing trucks chock-full of chips and dips. I wonder if he’ll get an employee discount. Could save a lot of money. Good luck on the new job, LRN6!

Work continues to go reasonably well. There’s lots to do and we’re struggling a little to get our next release done. But it’ll get there. Eventually.

LRN1’s missionary papers are in (we hope) and we expect him to receive a mission call either this Wednesday or the Wednesday of next week. We’re starting to feel a little anxious to know where he’ll be going. I imagine he’s a bit curious too.

Even though the blog has been on hiatus, that doesn’t mean I’ve been ignoring the food violence and toilet news of the world. Oh, no indeed. In fact, I have received word of a horrifying outbreak of meatball crime. Let’s keep our forks to ourselves.

All’s well. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Andy Morrow Says:

    No call yet. I expect it to be a little while thanks to my medical history.
    I've been doing a lot of missionary work for the ward mission, though.

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