Ship tender

Here’s a tender just leaving our ship, which was anchored off Maui at the time.  We were heading back in at the time.  The apparently very junior officer steering our tender had quite a difficult time pulling us up to the ship.  Took him several tries.  We gave him an appropriate amount of grief, of course.  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone 4S-cam and part of my famous Machinery and Vacation series.

Pretty good week.  Busy, busy, busy.  Getting ready for the big events that start this weekend.

That’s right, folks, we’re movin’ on down the road again.  We’ve been here in Lardville for more than five years now and have loved it, but it’s time for another change.  This one is just temporary, though.  I’ve been invited to take a six-month (or a little longer, depending on who you ask) assignment back in Newtown, Pennsylvania.  Astute readers will recall that that’s where we lived just before we came here.  Well, okay, we were actually in Doylestown, which is about half an hour away from Newtown, but my office was in Newtown.  And that’s where we’re going to be too.  No more two hour commute each way.  Our goal is five minutes this time, but we’ll accept ten minutes in a pinch.  We don’t know exactly where we’ll be living yet, but there are several candidates already on the list, and I’m sure we’ll find more with just a tiny bit of looking, if necessary.

LRN4 and I are really excited about the move, including the fact that it’s just temporary.  We absolutely loved Bucks County when we lived there before and expect to love it again.  We expect to live in an apartment or a townhouse, with no gardening to do, no trees to trim and spray, no foliage to cut back, no lawn to mow and trim, no pool and pond to take care of, no broken appliances to fix, and almost no cleaning to do.  We hope to do a bit of traveling around, both locally and a bit more distant, on weekends and generally enjoy ourselves.  Also get ready for my post-retirement career and living in a much smaller place.

There are lots of things we’ll miss about Lardville, and there are also many I’ll miss about my old job.  However, that program is ending and everything is going to change anyway.  There is almost nothing I’ll miss about spending four hours a day either on crowded trains or waiting on crowded train platforms.  We’ll certainly miss the ward and our many friends.  However, we’re coming back after the assignment is over, at least for a short time, so we don’t have to spend too much time crying about it.

While we’re gone, we’re going to see about selling our house and moving into a smaller place here.  If it sells while we’re out there, we’ll come back (or probably just send LRN4 back, to be perfectly realistic about it) and move our stuff into an apartment or someplace.  I have no idea whether it will go in that period of time or not, but our realtor friend seems to think it’s a possibility.  Stay tuned.  I’ll miss this place, but I’ve missed all of our other houses too and lived to tell the tale.

Anyway, I’m going to Newtown by myself for two weeks to start the job and coming home on the weekends.  I’ll go to work in Sunnyvale the week of December 19 to clean out my office, finish my people’s performance appraisals, tie up any loose ends, and be done there for the next several months.  I also need to bring donuts to work that Wednesday, go out to lunch with friends again, go to the Dave Koz concert in Modesto that Wednesday, go to the dentist’s office that Thursday, and get ready for Christmas all week long.

Playing golf tomorrow morning with my friends Doug, Rob, and John.  Need to clean the pool and pond.  Also need to hire lawn and pool care services for while we’re gone.  Need to go through more stuff (we’ve been making that our chief hobby lately) and either sell, give away, or throw away a whole bunch of it.  Also need to pack for Newtown.  Also need to change a lightbulb and, as mentioned above, go through a bunch of junk.

Tried to sell my beloved Honda at work this week, but there just wasn’t enough time to get any bites.  That means LRN4 will give it her best shot while I’m in Newtown this month.  Sell, sell, sell, LRN4!  She’s the best salesperson in the family, so I know she’ll get it done.  I just hope she gets a bunch of money for it.  I certainly enjoyed that car, but I’ve enjoyed a lot of other cars too and lived to tell the tale.

Anyway.  Time for bed.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: intelligent poop-throwing chimp!  LRN3 already has his application in.

See you on Monday.  From Pennsylvania!

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  1. Shannon Says:

    Since I never learned to throw well, that must explain my lack of speech development!

  2. Shannon Says:

    Love the picture. It looks as if you could reach out and touch the clouds!

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