Son of Birdzilla

Here’s part of my seagull series of Great Art. I call it “Son of Birdzilla.” Framed prints are available for discriminating Great Art lovers. Picture taken during the Big Sur camping trip.

As Loyal Reader Number Seven noted, there was no post yesterday. It’s not that I wasn’t home or that there wasn’t time. I was home and there was time. I used it all, however, in other pursuits – mainly, trying to get the HRVA’s email server working again. It’s been giving me fits for quite a while now, and the fits aren’t over yet, although they’re a little better now. The problems started right from the beginning – many mail servers are set up to reject email from residential IP addresses, assuming they’re all spambots. I got sick of all my HRVA mail being rejected, so I set up Sendmail to deliver through one of my existing commercial email servers. No problem for a while, but then that server started requiring login information to connect and HRVA mail went down again. I got that problem corrected last night and can now send and receive email through the HRVA’s server just fine. I also discovered quite by accident that my copy of Spamassassin was misconfigured and not doing anything, so I fixed that too. Now I only have two problems left: (1) I can’t get the HRVA website itself to send emails – likely a problem with permissions for the non-human-account-holding user, and (2) I tried to create an aliased account for the HRVA’s webmaster account but the mail server rejects messages to, reporting it’s a non-existent user. I’ll get those things figured out.

Anyway. Terrible drive to work today. I tried taking the back roads, which are always wide open on the way home. Turns out they’re jam-packed in the morning. I won’t be making that mistake again. The trip home was great, though. I might have something to do with the fact that I stayed at work until 7:15. That’s a tradeoff I’m not willing to make on an ongoing basis.

Tonight was no problem, though. Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two were (still are) at battle-axe lessons and Loyal Reader Number Four was booked solid with visiting teaching appointments this evening. It was just me and the Loyal Pets when I got home. Just as I got dinner warmed up and was finding an interesting program on the History Channel, though, LRN4 got home, so don’t worry too much about my poor lonesone self.

The Loyal Readers just got home. And they’re already going to bed.

And I need to get to bed too. Evenings seem so short when I don’t get here until after 8:00, but that’s how it is some days. See you tomorrow.

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