Here’s a scene leftover from summer, featuring Loyal Reader Number Twelve, as usual.

Extremely short shrift tonight. I didn’t get home for work until about 7:45, we still haven’t have home evening, and I have to get up tomorrow morning at 4:00 to make it to work in time for the day’s activities. I’m pretty busy right now.

So let’s recap the weekend. We started putting up decorations on Friday (haven’t quite finished yet, but the Loyal Readers are working on it during the day). Went to the temple Saturday morning with our friend Michael and his parents. He’s going on a mission to South Africa soon – very exciting.

After the temple, Loyal Reader Number Four and I went to Daly City, where we met Loyal Readers Numbers One, Five, and Twelve. Loyal Reader Number Six was at work. We hung around there for a little while, went to lunch, and went on to a church building in Palo Alto, where there was a really great creche exhibit. You don’t normally expect too much from such an event, but this was really high quality and surprisingly spiritual. Highly recommended, although it’s closing in two days. It’ll be back for a week next Christmas. Even though it’s a long drive from here, we might put it on the Christmas calendar every year.

Sunday was full of meetings, and then we watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, which was very nice (or so I hear, I couldn’t exactly stay awake for the whole thing, but it was a great nap too).

Haven’t heard how LRN6 is enjoying his job, nor how LRN12 is enjoying her daycare. Hopefully, both are enjoying it. Fortunately, LRN5 seems to be enjoying her new job. They certainly have a lot of changes going on right now.

Great news! The Morrowlife Financial Juggernaut has made its first ten cents! Nothing can stop me now. For details, see the Commerce section over there on the right.

Well, the Loyal Pet’s bath is over, so it’s time for FHE. See you tomorrow.

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