Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve avoiding the camera flash. Smart girl for such a young age.

I stayed home sick today. Spent most of the day just relaxing. I thought I was doing pretty well by this evening, but seem to have had something of a relapse. Sigh. I really need to go to work tomorrow, so I’ll be there unless I absolutely cannot get out of bed in the morning.

Looked at a couple of cars this afternoon. My Honda’s lease is ending in a few months and I can’t decide what I would like to have next. Nothing really appeals to me from any manufacturer at any price. And the things I can easily afford are the worst of all, of course. I’m seriously thinking of just buying the Honda and being done with it. I still like the car very much, and it’s been pretty trouble-free. I do need to have the shifter looked at in the near future, though.

That’s it for today. The weekend’s activities will have to wait until I feel better tomorrow. See you then.

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