Subtle pink


Here’s yet another one of the beautiful roses found here at the City of Hope.  I don’t seem to ever get tired of these things.  I’m not sure I can say the same for my Loyal Readers.  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken at the City of Hope’s rose garden, and part of my famous Garden series.

We had a pretty good weekend.  We did very little, other than going in for chemo, working, eating, and sleeping.  That’s not a bad thing.  Our brother-in-law John came over again on Sunday evening, which was nice, as always.  He and LRN29 have been absolutely wonderful to us.  Very grateful.

Day 10 of chemo is over!  Other than the twice-daily dose of the hyper-expensive other chemo drug LRN4 is taking, she’s done with chemo until the end of this month.  Doesn’t sound like a really long time, does it?

We saw the doctor today and got some great news, some good news, and some less great news.  Fortunately, no terrible news.  So first the less great news: as mentioned in the previous paragraph, LRN4’s next round of chemo should start during the last couple of days of this month.  She’ll have her next bone marrow biopsy on about the 28th, followed by the start of chemo round two whether she’s in remission or not.

Now the good news.  There have been no blasts in LRN4’s blood for the last five or six days.  They were at 6% two days before we started chemo and 8% on the first day, but they dropped quickly and are gone for now.  That doesn’t mean there’s nothing bad in her bone marrow, of course, but it’s certainly not a bad sign, is it?

Other good news: we have a plan.  At least a preliminary one, anyway.  After round two of chemo, we get the next biopsy at the end of September.  Assuming she’s in remission, we start the DLI transplants at the beginning of October and have them once a month for about five months.  They’re all outpatient treatments, but we think we’ll have to be in the Village for a week or two after the first one at least.  If she tolerates them well, we may be able to spend most of the time at home.

Which leads us to the great news: if things continue to go well, we think we’ll be going home a week from today!  There will be numerous trips back to Duarte, of course, including one or two a week for quite a while, but that’s okay.  I’ll make those trips if it means we can live at home.

Everything is very preliminary and subject to massive change, of course, but we’re pretty excited right now.

We also had a frank talk with the doctor about LRN4’s prognosis.  We realize and accept that the odds changed pretty significantly when LRN4’s relapse happened.  The numbers aren’t overly encouraging, but they’re way better than a lot of cancer patients are facing and they’re even better than we were guessing.  So we’re working with what we have and moving forward.  Press on regardless!

Made some excellent progress on the iOS app.  As discussed in Friday’s post, I got the basic functionality working on the iPad on Saturday and got a good start on the iPhone version.  I think I finished the iPhone side today and I have a functioning, fairly solid app.  Of course, it only contains about 50% of the functionality it’s ultimately supposed to have, but things are actually going well.  Will I have it ready for market by the time we leave the Village?  Doubtful, assuming the above predictions are true.  But I still think I have a good chance of making it by the end of the month.  Much hard work will be required, though.  I don’t think I like hard work.

We watched a fun movie tonight – [amazon asin=B002ZG9864&text=Knight and Day], starring the truly bizarre Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, whose bizarreness quotient I am unacquainted with.  In spite of Mr. Cruise’s oddness, it was a fun, mindless action movie.  Recommended.

And it’s time to get ready for bed.  We need to be up early to greet LRN29 and we need our beauty rest.  So I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: ostrich-like cow!

See you tomorrow.

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