Sunol bridge

Here’s a pretty little bridge over a stream at the Sunol Regional Wilderness park.  LRN4 and I had a great visit there a week ago Friday and got a bit of exercise.  Walked a short and interesting nature trail, and then another short and steep trail to an overlook point of a pretty little canyon.  I’d go back.  Part of my famous Hiking series.  Great Art courtesy of my trusty old Minolta camera.

Wow.  Ten days since my last post.  And there’s been so much going on.

Really.  There really has been a lot.  Of course, the weekdays are pretty much all the same, other than what’s going on at the office, which I don’t blog about.  Otherwise, it’s working, eating, and commuting.

Well, I will talk about one thing going on at work – I’ve been reading a book I got there.  The office has subscribed to a service called Books 24×7, which is basically a repository of a gazillion business-related books in electronic form.  They send a note every week or so with a long list of new titles.  When something looks like it might be interesting, I add it to my personal reading list.  I have just about 70 books on that list now, and it just keeps getting longer.  So I’ve decided I ought to start trying to actually read a few of them.  I’m currently working on one called No Excuses: The Power of Self-Discipline, by Brian Tracy.  I’m about nine chapters into it, and it’s pretty much just another salesman pump-up book.  However, there have been a few gems in there, and I think it’s having an effect.  Self-discipline is something I could always use a bit more of.  So I’m enjoying it.  Recommended for my Loyal Readers who are interested in acquiring more self-discipline.  It also helps if you have a free subscription to Books 24×7.

Anyway, the really interesting developments around here are the weekend activities.  Really kept busy this past weekend.  It started Friday evening, when LRN4 and I had tickets to see To Kill a Mockingbird at the Gallo Center.  It was quite nicely done – was in their small theater, so there wasn’t a bad seat in the house.  Which was good, because we were way back in the cheap seats.  I took my little binoculars and was glad to have them.  Still, it looked good, sounded good, and was in all ways a very nice experience.

Saturday morning, I got up and helped my friends the McClures move to a nearby house.  They’ve sold their place in anticipation of a move to Texas, but that hasn’t materialized, so they’re in temporary quarters for a few months (presumably).  Came home, got a haircut, got cleaned up, and went to our friend Janell’s high school graduation party.  Janell is a very nice young person who really stands out in a lot of ways.  LRN4 pointed out that essentially all the people invited to her party were adults, because that’s who her friends are.  I think that’s pretty impressive.  We had a nice time there.

Got home from the party and worked on a few things around the house for a couple of hours.  Then LRN4 and I went back to the Gallo Center for a performance of Mendelssohn’s Elijah.  We got free tickets from LRN4’s friend Theresa, who I believe got them from her work.  We were way down in the expensive seats this time, and that was fun.  The tickets came with free garage parking and an invitation to a reception afterward.  We stopped in at the reception for a few minutes, but neither of us was particularly interested in meeting the conductor or the soloists or anybody else, for that matter.  All we wanted to do was sleep, so we went home.  Had a fun evening.  I had been unaware of Mendelssohn’s Elijah, but the program said it was second in popularity to Handel’s Messiah among devotees of great religious orchestral/choral works in the Victorian era, and I can see why.  The orchestra was great, the 150-member chorus was great, and the four soloists were excellent also.  LRN4 noted that all the soloists generally seemed a bit bored with the whole thing unless they were singing at the moment, but I suppose they had already heard it a hundred times.

Anyway, it was a nice weekend.  Sunday was much more restful, which I can’t complain about either.

We’re off to Detroit on Thursday.  We have a whirlwind visit planned, with stops at my Mom’s and younger sister’s (LRN8) house, my Dad’s house, and my slightly older sister’s (LRN16) house (twice!).  We’re really looking forward to getting together with everybody and maybe doing a few fun things too.  We’ll be gone slightly longer than a week.  Expect posting to be at least as sporadic as it’s been while I’m at home.

Everything else and everyone else is fine.  LRN1’s letter this week was a good one, LRN2’s doing very well at school and seems happy, LRN3’s been talking to LRN4 pretty often this week and is doing well, and LRN5 seems to be happy and healthy as well.  LRN12’s doing great too.  So the kids are alright.

I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: thin mint melee!

See you tomorrow.

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