Here’s one of the strangest racing cars ever built – the Bugatti Tank. Built in 1923 and raced – quite unsuccessfully – by Bugatti only once. Five were built and one was written off in its one and only race. That makes this a pretty rare car. Photo taken using my first (cheap) digital camera at the museum halfway between Nice and Cannes.

Short shrift today. It’s 9:31, home evening just ended, and it’s already time to wind down for the night. So there’s not much time for anything else.

Loyal Reader Number One was deathly ill all weekend. Very sad. He’s not fully recovered yet by any means, but I’m happy to report that he’s doing much better. Sadly, he had to miss some things he really wanted to do, some of which were mentioned in his comment to Friday’s post. Poor LRN1.

Otherwise, not much news. I did some Ward Mission Leader work, some home teaching, and a lot of reading. I really wanted to get my lantern rebuilding project done, but neither the weather nor my photographer’s health would support that. There’s always next weekend, though. Didn’t work on the websites either. Sigh.

Loyal Reader Number Four volunteered me to maintain the Modesto opera company’s website. They called today and were very interested in having my help. They asked her for my websites’ URLs. Having looked at those, I’m pretty sure they won’t be calling back. Sigh. I really need to get my website designer’s input (that’s Loyal Reader Number Two to you and me) and prettify these things up. It’s hard to get his attention on this subject, though.

I’m really enjoying those Bob and Ray radio shows. They’re low-key and hilarious. Highly recommended.

See you tomorrow!

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