Teaching family

Here’s LRN1 with a nice little family he’s been teaching.  Aren’t those kids cute?  Part of my famous Guatemala series.

Incredibly busy day.  I have several things at work that absolutely need to get done, but it seems like I spend all my time in meeting rooms.  The meetings are important too, of course, but I’ve got to find time for everything else.  I’m planning to go in to work way early tomorrow and try to clear the decks as much as possible.

Have to drive tomorrow anyway – I’m slated to speak at a little devotional out in the Santa Cruz mountains in the evening.  One of the wards is having their high adventure activity out there this week and they asked me to be a part of it.  I’m delighted to do it.  Need to remember to bring my map, my GPS, a jacket, and a flashlight.  I’m not planning to spend the night, so I can pack extremely light.  A quick check of the Weather Channel’s website says they’re expecting showers in the afternoon/evening out there, so I need to be prepared for that.

Anyway.  I need to get to bed, so I’ll make this extremely short shrift.  Expect no post tomorrow, for already-stated reasons.  I’ll probably be getting home very late.

LRN12 is coming for the weekend!  We’re looking forward to the time together.  Her mom is going down to San Diego, I believe.  Have fun, LRN5!

And I’ll leave you with this shocking food violence news: hamburger clown assassin!

See you on Monday.

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