Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve deciding whether to close her eyes for the flash. We managed to beat her to the punch this time.

Long shrift today. Assuming my Loyal Readers are still interested, let’s have a look at last weekend before next weekend hits. Ummm . . . what did we do? After Friday’s burst of productivity, I’m struggling to remember.

Really. I can’t remember. Whatever it was, though, I’m sure it was fascinating. And very useful.

Not much happening today either. Loyal Reader Number Four is out on a visiting teaching marathon tonight, so she and Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two had dinner before I got home. They had some really good enchiladas. Fortunately, they left a few for me. Which I enjoyed.

Good news from this year’s MacWorld! They didn’t replace the Mac Mini with something way better! This is unprecedented, trust me. They did introduce a pretty cool notebook and some other cool things. Plus, the Evil Empire finally announced a new version of Office. I don’t know if I’ll upgrade. Probably, as soon as the $20 version comes available. That’s the deal we have at work – we can get Office for home under the company’s site license. They charge twenty bucks to send it to you. Not too shabby.

Speaking of Apple, I’ve heard from the Loyal Father. He just bought a MacBook and loves it. That’s a relief, since I basically talked him into buying it. Windows Vista finally pushed him over the edge, so he was ready to switch to something better.

And . . . ummm . . . I guess it’ll be short shrift after all. Don’t worry, Loyal Readers, something interesting will happen in the next few days, I’m sure. See you tomorrow.

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