Three fourths

Here are LRN1, LRN2, and LRN5, having a nice time. We miss you, LRN3! Little bit of redeye in this original, unretouched photo.

Nice day. We went to the movies for Home Evening. Saw the new Jackie Chan movie – The Spy Next Door. It was really cute. Strangely, I really enjoy Mr. Chan’s body of work. He doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously.

I’m sorry to report that LRN5 has broken her big toe. Ouch! She tripped while doing a babysitting exchange and reports that she had three little girls following her around afterward complaining that their toes hurt too. LRN12 is coming over for a couple of days so her mom can rest. Get better quickly, LRN5! Broken toes hurt like the devil. You have my pity.

I have discovered a great job opportunity: Hotdogger. This is even better than Monkey Man. LRN2’s updating his resume as I type this. I’m thinking of doing the same.

Otherwise, a normal day. The weekend was also pleasant. Went to a Scouting event on Saturday morning and the opera on Saturday evening. We saw The Merry Widow at the Gallo Center, as discussed in this space earlier. It was quite well done, especially considering that Saturday evening’s cast consisted (mostly) of college students. Unfortunately, the young lady scheduled to perform the title role took sick and had to be replaced with the professional who was part of the cast on the other nights. That’s fortunate for us, come to think of it. Anyway, we had a very nice time.

And I’ll leave you with this shocking food violence news: beef vs. chicken. Can’t the meats all just get along?

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Andy Morrow Says:

    A faaaan-tastic photo of the lot of us!

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