Three of the four readers appear together

Congratulations to Reader Number Four for finally joining the fold of The Only True Blog in the World! That’s her on the right, along with Readers One and Two and our non-reader friend. Number Three is outta luck.

I’m going to Luxembourg next week and not bringing a computer, so there will be no blogging. Whatever will my loyal readers do? Will they notice? Doubtful.

I only have two or three more weeks’ worth of blog pictures waiting in the queue. That can only mean one (or both) of two things: either I need to choose some more pictures from my vast archive (a distinct possibility) or I need to take some more. Since I’ll be in Europe next week, maybe I’ll be able to find something to take pictures of. Maybe that can be next week’s contribution to the blog. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Speaking of blog pictures and limits, I need to have a look at how full my website server account is getting. I have pretty definite limits, and I may be getting close soon. What then? The way I see it, this means one (or both) of two things: either I need to take some pictures out of the archives (horrors!) or I need to pay more more server space (more horrors!) or I need to find a free place to host pictures. Okay, that was three things, but my intentions were good and that should count for something, no? No? Anybody out there?

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