Track runner

Here’s an . . . umm . . . . railroad . . . thing. Of sorts.  I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to run down the track and . . . umm . . . do something.  All I really know about it is I want one.  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam and taken during our Grand Canyon trip in Williams, Arizona and part of my famous Train and Vacation series.

Extreme Short Shrift.  It’s late already and I’m not getting nearly enough sleep.

Plus, not much new.  Had a very busy day at work, which was mostly good, but also just a bit tiring.  So let’s see – what needs to be mentioned here?  Umm . . . nothing.

So I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife employment agency job opportunity: congressional clown.  Key motto: “It can’t get any worse.”

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Mark Says:

    So really, it’s just like our Congress, only they’re a little more honest.

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