Tree sitter

Here’s one of those tree sitters you hear so much about, like all those idiots people at UC Berkeley. This is a particularly hardened one, determined to stay up there until his demands are met. Fortunately, he doesn’t have far to fall if it doesn’t work out.

Wait a minute – that’s Loyal Reader Number Two at this year’s Big Sur campout. Sorry about the confusion.

Well, I somehow missed it. Today is post number 501, so I wrote #500 on Saturday Friday. How did you like the big celebration? Sigh. I guess we’ll just have to wait for #1000.

The Honda is at the dealer for the night to have its transmission looked at once again. The good news is that Honda has formally acknowledged the six-speed transmission problem and has a kit to fix it, which unfortunately requires that the transmission be removed from the car and basically rebuilt. The parts are on backorder right now, but my car has to go there to get on the list. So it’s there. I’m also getting an oil change and a fix to a dashboard switch light while it’s there. A permanent fix is on the horizon, though.

Uneventful day otherwise. It was beautiful, sunny, and warm without being too hot. It’s supposed to be the same for at least the next ten days. Upper 70’s and lower 80’s. Not bad.

FrankenMoe lives! We bought a new motherboard/CPU/heatsink/fan/memory for LRN2’s computer when the old ones died. Loyal Reader Number One made the amazing discovery that LRN2’s old CPU/heatsink/fan would fit on the FrankenMoe motherboard. Since we suspected those parts were still perfectly good, he put them together and reassembled FM on the loft’s coffee table. It’s working! Although it’s currently too short on memory to install Ubuntu, I used it to run SpinRite overnight and it works fine. Plus, the old 20GB hard drive we have on it is in tip-top shape.

We now need to decide whether to disassemble Moe, cannibalize its memory, and put FrankenMoe into Moe’s case. Upside: much faster machine with much faster data transfers. Downside: none identified to date. Decision: we should probably do it.

In the meantime, LRN1 can put the FrankenMoe pieces into temporary storage now, I believe.

Time for home evening. See you tomorrow.

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