Turtle lovers

Here are LRN1 and LRN2 with a big metal turtle during our last visit to the Detroit Zoo.  Which took place a couple of years ago or so.  I don’t exactly remember.  Wait a minute – I’ll check the photo.  – gone – I’m back.  It was taken on 28 May 2008.  So it was a couple of years ago or so.  Special guest appearance by LRN4 there in the background.  Also an extremely rare appearance by LRN18, taking a picture of me taking a picture.  Looks like a cool day, no?  Part of my famous Statue series.

Incidentally, the turtle’s the one in the middle.

Well.  It’s been a week.  It’s not that I don’t care.  It’s just that I don’t post.

Not that there’s all that much new. Had a nice three-day weekend.  Christmasy things are happening, of course.  In addition to last Monday’s previously-mentioned Christmas creche festival in Modesto, we went to the really, really big Christmas creche festival in Palo Alto (truly lovely, if not quite as big as previous years), wrote and sent our Christmas cards and Christmas brunch invitations, had my brother-in-law Ken over for dinner (nice evening together, as usual), went to the Gallo Theater in Modesto and saw It’s A Wonderful Life (done as a fake radio show – it was cute and well-presented, although I admit I’m still partial to Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed; especially Donna Reed), went to the ward Christmas party (huge crowd and tri-tip; also, we performed on the tubular bells), and got LRN2’s patriarchal blessing.  Whew.  No wonder I didn’t have any time for blogging.

I’m pretty well settled in to my new office, which is pretty much the same as my old office.  Can’t complain.  Work’s going fine.  We’re way too busy for comfort, but I’d rather be that way than the alternative.

Only four more work days until Christmas!  Not that I’m counting the days.  On a related note, LRN2 has mentioned that there are only four more school days until high school graduation.  I’d say that’s even a bigger deal than my Christmas vacation!  He still has lots of work to finish – stay focused, LRN2!

Let’s see.  It’s home evening night tonight.  We calendared, heard a nice little lesson from LRN2 about Christmas, just finished an outstanding cherry cheesecake treat courtesy of LRN4, and we’re waiting for my activity to start – jacuzzification.  The spa is currently at 86 degrees, so I’m figuring we can get in in another 10 minutes or so.  We haven’t been in there for a while – it’s been quite rainy lately here in Lardville.  We don’t mind the cold, but the jacuzzi is not much fun in the rain.  Snow is a different story, as we discovered back in Gardenville.

Heard from LRN1 today.  He spent last week on an exchange in another part of the mission, so he missed his normal Saturday p-day.  I didn’t think we’d be hearing from him at all, since he’s back in the office now and today wasn’t their normal p-day either.  But they apparently were given some time off, and he wrote.  He had a great time last week and is glad to be back to his regular assignment.  We’re excited to talk with him on Christmas morning.  At 7:00.  A bit early, that, but one works around one’s missionary son’s schedule.

LRN5 will be here Christmas morning too.  She wants to talk to LRN1 and is staying to help with our brunch, after which she’s outta here.  She and LRN12 are moving to a new place this week, which they’re excited about.  LRN12 will have her own room, which I believe they’re both also excited about.  We’re happy they were able to get it.  LRN12 won’t be here on Christmas because she’s going to spend the holidays with her dad and her other grandparents.  We’ll really miss her.

Well, I think I can change into my swimsuit now, so blogging is done for now.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: fudge hog!

See you tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Turtle lovers”

  1. Mark Says:

    Critical detail on the food violence: They used the stungun. ON HER HEAD. GIves me the jibblies.

    I can’t help but wonder what it was that I was looking at in that picture…

  2. Shannon Says:

    She sounds ALMOST as serious about her hot fudge as you do! I’ll bs sure to get enough hot fudge on your sundae!

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