Here’s a turtle at Ebay headquarters. Also a bunch of koi.  They had an absolutely beautiful, huge pond.  It was a really nice place.  Great Art taken during the iOS developer’s conference there this summer.

No post yesterday. It was home evening.

Greetings from my shiny new iPad! That’s right, it got here yesterday. I was so excited to get it, I went all the way over to LRN5’s office to pick it up. She kindly declined to open it (in spite of the bit of mocking she got over it), so I got to do the unboxing. Picture tomorrow. I love it! And I can even post to my blog on it.

Web surfing is really quick and easy, and I really like the touch-based interface for that. I still haven’t set up most other apps yet, but I’ll get there.

Anyway. Back to more mundane things. Tomorrow is the last workday before the Thanksgiving holiday. A four day weekend! Complete with turkey and stuffing, turkey omelets, turkey sandwiches, and various other forms of culinary joy. Not to mention putting up our Christmas decorations. Also, we’re insanely considering doing a bit of Black Friday shopping. LRN4 was just showing me some of the ads

And then there are just three more weeks of work before my two-week-plus-a-little holiday break. Woo hoo!

And it’s time to quit.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: thrown corn dog!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    I wonder how the intake officer could have possibly recognized him?!!

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