TV watcher

Here’s LRN12 watching Beauty and the Beast this evening at the Secret Undisclosed Location. She’s staying with us for a while. It’s great to have her here. Just got here this evening. Medium-res picture courtesy of the famous iPhone-cam.

No post yesterday. I got home a little late and had a few other things to do.

The weekend was fine. Not much to say about it. Got some things done. Didn’t get other things done.

One thing we did finally accomplish was to get new tires on LRN4’s car. Tried to go the cheap way by just replacing the two that were bad with some inexpensive BF Goodriches at Costco. They finally got them done and we took the car home. While I was following LRN4 in my car, I noticed that the tires looked a little skinnier than the old ones. So I had a look after we got home and discovered that they were the wrong size. So we went back to get the right size. But they then discovered that the older tires were a different speed rating than the new ones. So we had to buy four tires. I opted for the Michelins, which are great tires, and were on a good enough sale that they were essentially the same price as the Goodriches. LRN4 left Costco to get ready for the Relief Society broadcast (which was reported to have been very good), after which they informed me they only had three of the tires I had bought. So they left one of the old ones on, and LRN4 is going over there tomorrow to get the last one. Sheesh.

Otherwise, nothing happened.

We’ll end today with a cautionary tale for my Loyal Readers: here’s what happens when you commit food violence. Just say no.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. k8 Says:

    What a beautiful reader pictured today! I'm so glad she's having a good time!

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