Unidentified object

Here’s the first in my famous Unidentifiable Great Art series. Can any of my Loyal Readers figure out what it is?

Juggernaut update: I’m over a dollar! I checked today, and my account balance has jumped to $1.33. Thanks to whichever Loyal Readers have been clicking on my Commerce section. I’m rich! (Link warning – audio of Daffy Duck shouting. And here’s the cartoon to accompany it.)

Finished the Mark Steyn book on the train this evening. It was interesting and entertaining, but the subject matter could have been covered in a long magazine article or two. Otherwise, highly recommended. Now I’m down to the Einstein book, the garden book, and the Mark Twain book. Plus, there are several on the floor by my side of the bed, waiting to be read.

Plus I got a new Make Magazine in the mail yesterday. I’m seriously afraid it will turn out to be one of the lame ones – the main topic this time is Magic. A subject about which I’m not overly interested. There appear to be a couple of good project articles, though. In general, I like Make, but experience says that only about fifty percent of the issues are really good. The rest are kind of hokey, like the one covering the terrarium and the one about the single-string guitar, and the one about… Plus, they’re just a little too Granola for me. I’m sure it never even occurs to them that some of their potential readers may not share their political/religious views. All of their friends do! Still, I like it on balance and recommend my Loyal Readers at least check it out. I bought the first issue on the newsstand and have been a subscriber since the second issue.

Going-away luncheon for three of my people tomorrow. Sigh. Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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