Uprooted tree

Here’s reader number one beside an uprooted tree from a camping trip this summer. The tree had grown on top of the large rock Number One is standing on and when the flood came and the winds blew it fell down. Or something like that. The root ball looks pretty cool on its side.

Took the family to the Mercer Museum again tonight – it’s the third or fourth time I’ve been there. It was free Tuesday, so it didn’t even cost us anything. Of course, now that I’m a museum member there, it’s always free for me for a year. We stepped inside the Spruance Library inside the museum, and it’s pretty cool. They’ve got a lot of really old Bucks County history. I’m planning to find some time to go research what was on our property before it was a house. I know there was a sheep farm immediately beforehand, but I wonder what came before that.

Reader number three and Melissa are leaving in just two days. Their visit has been much too short!

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