Watching the Tabs

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. She’s certainly a great art lover for such a young age. And they seem to be having an enlightening effect on her. Photo courtesy of the exclusive RAZR Junk-o-Cam.

The weekend is here! We started it in fine fashion by going to Loyal Reader Number Two’s Christmas organ concert. He did a great jeorb! His piece was definitely the best one. And I say that with complete objectivity.

I don’t know the weekend’s plans yet. I do know Loyal Reader Number Four is in charge of a Relief Society activity in the morning. Good luck, LRN4!

I also know we’re going to the Haggin museum.

I also hope to work through the Android tutorials.

I also hope to get my mousebot working.

I also need to prepare my Sunday School lesson (substituting for the sick substitute again).

So I guess I do know the weekend’s plans. Cool.

And there’s nothing else to talk about tonight. See you on Monday.

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