Water rocks

Here’s an abstract study of water going over rocks. Feel the love.

I still have a bunch of Great Art on my camera, including all my pictures from the recent campout. Maybe I’ll get them downloaded tomorrow. Or the next day. Based on the above picture, I think I’d better hurry.

No post yesterday. It seemed so much like a weekend day that I forgot all about posting. No regrets, either.

Great holiday weekend. We had people over on Saturday and Monday (enjoyable), Loyal Reader Number One and I worked on his car (no fix, alas – it has to go to the shop again), LRN1 and I worked on my car (new thermostat but no overheating fix, alas – I need to install a new thermoswitch and then it goes to the shop if that doesn’t do the trick), LRN1 and I worked on Mousey the Junkbot (discernable progress, including a totally working breadboard version of the electronics!), I worked on Loyal Reader Number Five’s laptop (changed from non-working status to working perfectly, OS updated, and SpinRite verified!), and . . . that’s about all I can remember right now. But isn’t that enough?

About Mousey. The totally analog electronics work just fine, in spite of the fact that I can’t quite figure out why. There’s a subtlety in the circuitry I don’t quite understand, but I’m figuring it out. Anyway, I’m seriously thinking of upgrading it to digital control after I get the analog version running. I don’t know if I want to build a second ‘bot or just upgrade the first. I’m thinking a single-chip Arduino reading the light sensors and collision switch and driving the motors through a relay. Sounds quite doable and maybe even more interesting than the analog version, since it would be totally programmable. What do you think, Loyal Readers? Or do you even care?

My alarm clock freaked out this morning. It’s one of the Atomic Clock things that phones home all the time to keep the time accurate. It’s supposed to switch into and out of Daylight Savings Time automatically also, and it seems to have done so last night, which makes absolutely no sense. I’m having a Crisis of Confidence in the thing now, so it’s back to the alarm clock store. And this time I won’t be such an easy sell. I’m looking for something really easy to use, not too expensive, and really cool. Let me know if you have any ideas. In the meantime, I’m switching to my old reliable Seiko travel alarm. Whose batteries are of unknown age. So I may not be able to rely on it either. It seems to be working fine right now, though.

Big meeting at work tomorrow. We have a bunch of folks coming in from our partner companies and the gummint, and we’ll be strategizing, positioning ourselves for the future, leveraging our synergies, etc. It will take most of the day, while regular business goes on all around us. Ought to be enjoyable.

Time for dessert. See you tomorrow.

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